The Big Book

My time at TES Engineering has brought a ton of changes across a range of branded materials. I've worked to revamp proposals, blog posts, newsletters, brochures, business cards, the physical office space, and how we communicate with clients.

As we continue to work on a complete re-brand, I've used the existing logo and branding in new, fresh, modern ways. 

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A Website for a Very Passionate Innovator

Liza Grossman is my former educator and is largely responsible for the person I am today.  Every Saturday morning, 115 high school musicians gathered in a rehearsal room in Downtown Cleveland and went to work, all under the direction of the "master of tutelage".   The experiences in that room and in concert were both a dream and life-defining at the same time.

Her enthusiasm is beautiful, and I was recently honored to work on her branding and website.  We have big plans to provide the same experience I had to children all over the country.

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The Musician Experience at Contemporary Youth Orchestra

I created this video to highlight the individual and collective experience of student musicians in Cleveland's Contemporary Youth Orchestra.  From personal interviews to completed project, this video summons the emotional connection between musician, instructor, and educational experience.

Communicating with CEOs

My favorite challenge is taking complicated information - digesting it, designing it, and presenting it in a thoughtful package for busy non-technical people.

Respecting an individual's time is the highest form of flattery, and pushing technical information through a filter is the key to success in a world full of information overload.

These are some examples of engineering information I presented to executives ofG a national retail developer. 

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